"When we don't go within, we go without" 

Who am I?

I am a transformational coach and energy healer empowered to help you Expand Your Vision. I specialize in Kundalini (meditation, yoga & breath work) La Ho Chi (energy healing), ESI Wisdom® (Esoteric. Scientific. Wisdom.),  Shadow Work, and Inner Child Therapy.

My Story

For the first part of my life I was anxious, depressed and overwhelmed on the inside but completely hid it on the outside. I was obsessed with success and making a place for myself in New York’s fashion industry. I helped build a full service creative and marketing agency, I produced fashion shows, opened stores and eventually the agency I helped build was filmed for a reality show pilot season on Sundance Network. Simultaneously, I started a fashion social network; Best Fashion Friend. We shared a launch party with Spotify and had meetings with Glamour and Teen Vogue when they were interested in buying our API. We were the fashion aspect of Pinterest, right ahead of its time. My dream of being a success in the fashion industry was right on track, but I was still deeply unhappy on the inside. Doctors would over medicate me and therapists kept telling me how great I was doing in a very hard industry so I knew I needed to find other solutions because I was barely hanging on to myself. 

For years I had listened to Jerry Esther and Hicks and Gabby Bernstein, but I started going to their workshops and retreats. I enrolled in certifications and started going deep into alternative healings, yogic, and esoteric science. This is where I started to find modalities that helped support true mental repatterining and transformational healing. 

At one retreat I met Teal Swan and had a flashback of a memory that I had blocked out of my brain. That was the start of the deeper inner child and shadow work. Then, I was asked to help Teal with marketing and when to live at her retreat center in Costa Rica where I was certified as a Competition Process Practitioner. 

I returned to New York to complete my Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga at Ra Ma Institute and also where I was introduced to my next Mentor Brenda PanTango through another student. 

After studying with some of the most well known healers, Brenda’s ESI Wisdom® work was the most impactful healing I’d ever experienced. She helped me change my life in a way over the next 3 years that would normally take 10+ years of dedicated psychotherapy, meditation, and neurological repatterining to transform. 

What is ESI® Wisdom? 

What is ESI® Wisdom? 

ESI Wisdom® which combines Esoteric, Scientific, Intelligence into one very qualitative method. She created this method from the life work of David Joshua Stone, a NASA scientist who used to channel and use specific energy frequencies to heal our planet, as that was his primary passion. When Brenda met him, she had over 60 other healing modalities under her belt from her 30-year career, and through his mentorship, she was able to take his work and pivot the specific qualitative data and specific frequencies into healing for individuals.

All in all, woo woo language aside... It is POWERFUL shifts.