Perception Reflection

Your Vision

I’m Emily Wade, creator of Perception Reflection. 

I help others understand their perceptions, break limiting beliefs, create new reflections & realities, and empower their expansions.

Expand Your Vision,  

Embrace Your Shadow,

Empower Your Life.

My mission

I am here to help you heal yourself. Healers that say they will heal you. Gurus that say you must follow their guidance. Influencers that want to keep you influenced. How do I know? I’ve worked with MANY of them. And most are full of sh*t. My mission is to help you expand out of your limiting perception and empower you to heal yourself.

My vision

I will work with you in a variety of ways that will help you reflect more fully on where you've had prior programming, core beliefs or traumas that are holding you back. I will help you recognize the ways in which you are playing small or self sabotaging. Then I will empower you to implement practices that will create true change.

My tools include: 

I have spent nearly a decade diving deep into wellness practices in traditional
and new age healing and today I have a whole tool kit of modalities that help
with anxiety, depression, sexual trauma, PTSD, addiction and self sabotage.
My primary tools include: 



Sound Bowls

Inner Child Work


Multi-dimensional Charts

Shadow Work

La Ho Chi Energy Healing

Subconscious Reprogramming

Breaking limiting beliefs
healing trauma
finding empowerment within
Breaking limiting beliefs
healing trauma
finding empowerment within
Breaking limiting beliefs
finding empowerment within
healing trauma

Transformational program

Anxiety to Serenity

Anxiety to serenity is an 8 week course that will help you go from overwhelm and fear to clarity and peace. This is a high-impact course is created for you to go at your own pace, with all the support and tools to truly achieve transformation.

In this course, you will learn valuable tools through 8 modules, have 1 energy work session, 1 inner child transformational session , sound healing recordings, and energy work done for 8 weeks behind the scenes so you can have true impactful changes in your daily life.

Digital Course Available starting May 9th.
Nothing is more important that your peace of mind! 
Inner Child Healing
Multi-dimensional energy work
Shadow work
la ho chi healing

What is Perception Reflection?

Perception Reflection was created because it took me over a decade to realize how my mental health, core beliefs, and subconscious programming was getting in the way of achieving my dreams. It took me tens of thousands of dollars in therapy and medication to still be left without answers and feeling more lost than when I started. It took me years to find healing modalities and energy work that actually worked. 

But now, I know a dynamite formula.

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Raves & Reviews

Any time I have anxiety or a problem, I call Emily. The way that she repositions things makes me feel so much better. She always helps me get out of whatever spiral that I am currently going through"

AM Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur

"When I work with Emily I always feel a deep sense of love and warmth. She really empathizes with everything I am going through and finds a way to help me realize (repeatedly) that everything is temporary and part of a greater picture."

G.S. Graphic Designer

"Emily has been one constant in my life through all ups and downs. When I have a session with her I can feel her compassion and lack of judgment. She is one of the very few people I can speak to who doesn't make me feel guilty or shameful about whatever it is that I’m going through."

V.R. Paralegal