Terms of Service

Last updated: April 6, 2022

Your decision to work with me is inviting changes on many levels.  While working with me on whatever aspect you choose to address, whether it be body, mind or spirit, intuitive work falls under the mystical category.  Receiving this work requires an open mind and heart.  Most of all, it requires a spirit wanting, welcoming and acceptance of change.  Mysticism is not an exact science therefore, results may vary from person to person and situation to situation .  

Although you have chosen to work with me, it is important to remember that when recommendations are suggested, I am NOT a health practitioner (psychologist, physician, or theologian) and this work is not intended to replace conventional medicine or psychotherapy.  I do not make claims of being a healer.

While one does not necessarily need to be physically or energetically stable at the onset or intervention of this work, it is recommended that there be a commitment to engage and participate with suggested changes as well as the practice of a daily self-care routine.  This may range from a recommendation for body or energy work to meditating or to journaling.  As with any intervention that shifts energy and helps clear stuck emotions or behaviors, there always remains the possibility that intense emotional or physical sensations are activated. Should this occur, I suggest a phone call for additional coaching be placed immediately.

There is no guarantee as to just how long a program will be needed, so, the length of it will vary from person to person, situation to situation.  You always have the option to stop working with me however that will be at your expense and without reimbursement.

Should there ever be a time during a program where illicit drugs are used, blatant disrespect of myself, and work occurs, poor discernment, or any kind of threat is made, I maintain the right to end your program and the connection to me immediately without any reimbursement.