Self-Sabotage Energy Clearing

Energy work that clears self sabotage habits and records & patterns that have held you back. 

If you have been doing work to help heal or uplevel yourself and you find you cannot break through generational patterns or if your subconscious beliefs are causing you to continue to be held back from personal, relational, or professional growth then this is a service that can be a catalyst for you. 

Have you been… 

  • Caught up in negative personal talk? 
  • Consumed with jealousy or cycles of comparing self to others? 
  • Stuck in addiction patterns? 
  • Unable to make real change in your personal or professional life? 
  • Using manipulation on others knowingly or unknowingly? 

Program Benefits: 

  • Clears lifeline issues that create unhealthy behavior patterns 
  • Celebrates your self-awareness and personal accountability 
  • Healthier mind, body and soul as you release reactionary habits; like anger
  • Supports transformative habits and changes you are working on 
  • Manifestation ability improves as you release fears and core beliefs holding you back 

The process will start with an hour consultation where you can explain what blocks or issues you are experiencing. Then I will use multi-dimensional energy work over the course of the next 4 weeks to clear your 4 bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and etheric), your thoughts and self-sabotage habits, and records and patterns from this lifetime and in your DNA structure. 

Each week I will clear you 3x and you will be able to email me if you are experiencing heightened emotions or need your clearing more immediately twice throughout the month.

This work clears and rebalances you on every level, but you are responsible to do your best to learn your life lessons as the process unfolds. You cannot intentionally continue to do the things I am clearing for you

Upon completion of the 4 weeks, I will give you a report of where your energies are and your scores on the aspects that you discussed in our initial consultation to work on at the start of the process and the end of the process.