La Ho Chi Energy Healing

La Ho Chi is an energy healing modality similar to Reiki in it’s delivery, but works on higher dimensional levels, AKA not just this 3D world we live in. It heals on physical, emotional, mental, vibrational, and spiritual levels and is the purest form of love frequency healing found today.

LaHo-Chi (pronounced lah hoe chee) enhances the life-force connection of the subtle energy field, the subtle energy bodies, and the higher dimensions of consciousness for the individual. LaHo-Chi activates and expands an awareness of the innate spiritual healing ability within the individuals receiving the healing. This healing is done through the hands of another, but it is a gift to self as it is a way for your higher self to send love and healing to aspects of you that are longing for growth, strength or help.

If you are feeling similar to any of the below, then service can certainly help you.

  • Are you so exhausted but never seem to be able to get the rest you need?
  • Are you going through something tough and feel alone or like you just need a little extra support?
  • Have you wanted to try Reiki but didn’t want to spend money on session after session?

As defined by Michael-David Lawrience (1991), “if one breaks down the name LaHo-Chi: ‘La’ refers to the light, love, and wisdom coming from God or Spirit through the healer or the vessel; ‘Ho’ is the energetic movement of this light, love, and wisdom through the subtle and physical bodies in a horizontal, vertical, and diagonal direction into the other person receiving the energy; and “Chi” is the Chinese term for life-force or “prana” in the east Indian system which brings more vitality, more life-force, and more spirit to the person. Chi is the Chinese term for universal energy. Other names for it are Vital Force, Orgone Energy, Elan Vital, and so on.”

When something is new, as long as we have a small idea of what to expect, much of the fear is taken away.

In a LaHo-Chi session you can expect to be in a very relaxed state. You might fall asleep or your mind might lead you to past experiences to heal or future visions calling you forward.

Most of my clients find lots of personal insight, self forgiveness, emotional peace and the relaxed and warm feeling of pure love after a session. Each experience is unique to each individual and each session but one thing that can always be expected is the feeling of support, love and light.