Completion Process

The completion process is an ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited method that was created less than 10 years ago. It has healed millions of people with issues ranging from depression, anxiety, severe PTSD from war, and many issues in between.

This process is a mixture of inner child and shadow work with the addition of visualization followed by integration. Inner child work is used today by psychologists, stemming from world-renowned figures Carl Jung and RoHun. I was trained by Teal Swan, who added some more integrative processes to the foundation of shadow work in order to help solidify the subconscious transformation further due to severe trauma that she faced as a child.

Although this process is very healing as a deep trauma resolution tool, it’s useful for everyone. You don’t need to have had a rough childhood or tons of trauma to benefit from this. We all have those everyday situations when something seemingly small and unimportant makes us angry, sad, or afraid.  While other people tell us it’s not a big deal. Instead of trying to ignore those painful emotions, I can help you explore why there is a trigger in the first place. Getting to the root of the trigger is the only way to be free of the emotion it brings up and give you the freedom you desire to create new experiences in life again.

If you are feeling similar to any of the below, then service can certainly help you.

  • Have you been struggling with the same sort of stuff, no matter what you do?
  • Are you experiencing a decreased amount of life force, inspiration or joy?
  • Is there a trauma that happened in your life that still holds you back to this day?

We find what we need, when we are ready to heal what is holding us back.

I found the completion process because I was attracting the same situations in my life over and over again no matter how hard I tried to create change. I would make great progress for a while and then suddenly things would crumble. When this pattern repeated even while I was going to therapy and doing meditation, I knew I needed to look deeper for a real solution.

The universe guided me to this teaching, because I had no plans to dive into my past to heal and help my future. I went to a Gabby Bernstien workshop, who teaches “A Course In Miracles” and many other spiritual methodologies and Teal Swan was there. The teaching found me and truly helped me heal aspects of myself I didn’t even know were holding me back.

Life doesn’t have to be the same cycle of repeated habits, struggles and tragedies.

If you are experiencing a decreased amount of life force, inspiration or joy, I can help you to integrate anything that has stayed stagnant from trauma (realized or unnoticed) so you feel whole again.

When we delve into trauma and deep healings, those things are stored in our aura. I also do a special type of energy work called ESI Wisdom® and when you do a Completion Process with me, I will also work on clearing your aura and helping restabilize you afterward. This will help you experience less pain and be able to manifest much more quickly again.