Work with me

Select a single session from a variety of modalities that have healed and transformed the lives of many. 

Perception Reflection

Perception Reflection sessions give you an opportunity to share what you are currently struggling with and get insight and coaching. Our time will primarily be an intake and strategy session, where you tell me what you are struggling with or the question that you need more insight around and I will give you more insight and a variety of strategies to help yo

Self-Sabotage Energy Clearing

Energy work that clears self-sabotage habits and records & patterns that have held you back. If you have been doing work to help heal or uplevel yourself and you find you cannot break through generational patterns or if your subconscious beliefs are causing you to continue to be held back from personal, relational, or professional growth then this is a serv


Kundalini is a combination of yoga, meditation, and breath work that was kept a secret for the last few thousand years and only taught to royalty until Yogi Bhajan brought it west to the U.S. in the 70’s. Its combination of methods are so scientific and powerful that it provides the same healing in 3 minutes that would take 3 hours in another form of yoga.

Completion Process

The completion process is an ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited method that was created under 10 years ago, but has healed millions of people with issues ranging from depression & anxiety to severe PTSD from war, and many issues in between.

La Ho Chi Energy Healing

La Ho Chi is an energy healing modality similar to Reiki in it’s delivery, but works on higher dimensional levels, AKA not just this 3D world we live in. It heals on physical, emotional, mental, vibrational, and spiritual levels and is the purest form of love frequency healing found today.

Personal Empowerment Sessions

As much as we want to believe otherwise, 95% of the population judges a book by it’s cover. As superficial as it sounds, “If you look good, you feel good” is a fact of life. When we feel good on the outside, we stand a little taller, we speak a little stronger and we get a boost of bravery that we might not have when we aren’t looking our best.