Transformational course by emily wade

Anxiety to Serenity

8 weeks to change you from the inside out

Stop Hiding

It's time to face yourself.

Imagine if you woke up each day, excited, not dreading your day?

What if you could forgive yourself, love yourself, and see how valuable you truly are?

How much better would your life be if you had more discernment so you didn’t get sidetracked by the wrong opportunity or people?

What if you understood how to get out of your own way?

Feel lost?

Find your light within

Nothing is wrong with you.

When anxiety was taking over my life, I was constantly trying to fix it by fixing myself. That is not the way.

Your heightened emotional sensitivity is a superpower.

Your emotions are trying to tell you something. I can help you decode their messages.

Break your cage

You deserve to fly

If you have felt chained to feeling anxious, stuck, and down on yourself then it's time to make a CHANGE.

Only YOU can free yourself from the mental cage that is holding you back.

I can help you do just that because for many years, I was right there too.

But now, I am FREE and I can help you become free to

course Details

Course AVAILABLE: May 9th

Anxiety is unique, so I built this course you could work through the modules at your own pace. You can do a module a week, all modules back to back, or start and stop as you please. The below module information is available for you for the lifetime of the course, so if you want to repeat the program or refresh on a module topic you are more than welcome to do so. This course is designed to fit your life, give insight to where you mental patterns might be stuck, perspective where society has conditioned us poorly, and help you regain your zest for life.

Module 1 : Perception

Core Beliefs  & Tunnel Vision
Where are we gaslighted by self & others?

Module 5 : Appreciation

Power of our thoughts.
How to redirect them. Gratitude practices and rituals.

Module 2 : Introspection

Conscious and subconscious thought.
Where are we holding ourselves down?

Module 6 : connection

Desires & Expanders
How are your connections serving your life?

Module 3 : Expectation

How these things affect our views.
Where are we disconnected from desires to reality?

Module 7 : declaration

Power of words. Manifestation Processes
Where are our words keeping us stuck and how are they creating pain.

Module 4 : Reflection

Child & Shadow Work
What are the events in our lives that have shaped us?

Module 8 : Projection

Tangible steps to continue in your daily life for personal empowerment.

course value

Each of the below is included in the 8 week program. If you were to buy each service individually it would cost far more than within the Anxiety to Serenity course. I've done this because I feel the combination of these tools truly transforms you when combined together on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Weekly Module teachings

Each module will have a theme and teachings from various methodologies to help combat anxiety. Every Monday we will meet via zoom for a group coaching call. The call will be recorded so you can replay if you can't attend live or want to watch again.

Value: $100 x 8 weeks = $800 total

Energy Cleanses

Behind the scenes, energy clearing is done 4 times a week for you. This is a multi-dimensional clearing that will help your physical, mental, emotional, and etheric bodies.

Value: $400 monthly = $800 total

1:1 Completion Process Session

Over the course of the 8 weeks we will schedule a 1:1 time to meet via zoom for a Completion Process session. This is a guided inner child work/ shadow work healing process.

Value: $200


Behind the scenes, energy work is done for you 2x a week, based on your personal issues that you are struggling with. You will share more details on your intake information.

Value: $300 monthly = $600 total

Personalized La Ho Chi Session

La Ho Chi is a healing energy transmission done for the body, mind, and soul, similar to Reiki. However, La Ho Chi works on multi-dimensions and is primarily transmuted through heart healing. The digital session will be held and recorded so you can replay it indefinitely.

Value: $150

Weekly Crystal Sound Baths

Crystal Bowl sound baths are an ancient sound healing modality that heals and rewires your cellular structure.Weekly  recordings will be sent for you to replay indefinitely.

Value: $77 each = $616 total

Total Value $3,166

Anxiety to Serenity is SUCH a great value because you get all of the services above, in addition to course materials, worksheets, book recommendations, & crystal sets.


Payment Plan
Charged $370 x 3
Payments will be processed upon purchase,
April 22nd & May 2nd.
Pay in full
Charge once
Receive a free essential oil for full payment.

There is no better investment in the world, than investing in our own mental health.


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Pay In Full: $888 x 1 payment

Payment Plan $370 x 3 payments


A glimpse of some transformations that have taken place...

"Every time I am feeling anxious or fearful of my next step, I book a session with Emily and I immediately feel relief."

Heather M.

San Diego, CA 

"I like to call Emily my spiritual supervisor. When I am worried or don’t know what the next best move is, I go to her for advice. Her energy work has helped me through job interviews and relationship issues. Currently I don't know what I'd do without her to help me navigate my divorce."

Graelin S.

Houston, TX

"After a Completion Process session with Emily, my fear of dying from suffocating was essentially gone. I was able to connect to a prior self through her guidance. Then I was able to heal and remain in contact with this very strong and intuitive aspect of my soul."

Vered K.

Scottsdale, AZ

"My completion process session with Emily provided a lot of healing that was very needed from when my Dad left when I was 3. She guided me in comforting my inner child and also through setting boundaries and healing that trauma. My relationships with men have improved after the session."

Sheri S.

Sedona, AZ

"Emily did a La Ho Chi session for me and removed heart walls. I felt so much freer and my emotions felt less heavy and dense. After my session I was ready to visit my family and had the strength yet openness needed."

Paul D.

Boulder, CO 

"Emily helped me know which house was right to purchase between four options and now my family and I live in our dream home. Her foresight saved us thousands on home improvement issues and guided us into the perfect home."

Stephanie M

New York, NY 

imagine what we can co-create

You could be at peace with yourself and your circumstances.

Your tunnel vision will be set free and you will have a new perception of how much you control your reality.

You could feel strong and capable to take on anything that life throws your way.

The stagnant energy that has been holding you back for years could be cleared and you could feel fresh and renewed.

You're here to live a life that you love

Picture this... your life inflow. Everything unfolds naturally, with ease and grace.

As obstacles and life events came up, you felt clear and capable of getting through whatever you were thrown into.

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